The Blogging Graduate Student

Uncovering the Roof

85515856_e56aae92bf_o Photo: Newspaper on a tube seat. Headline reads “20,000 a day start a blog”. CC Annie Mole, flickr.

Should postgraduate researchers blog?

At the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature conference last week, a panel reportedly concluded that postgraduate students shouldn’t blog. It is dangerous to your copyright, to your chances of a job, and to the time you have to spend on work, they apparently lectured.

There are three reasons why I’m annoyed by this ‘wisdom’ handed down from on high.

1. A Blogging Disabled Graduate Student

The irony is not lost on me, that I could never have been at the AAR conference in person. Travelling to conferences as a disabled student is getting more and more difficult, and I think I now I no longer have enough support or access to enough funding that I could safely and semi-accessibly go that far abroad for that long.


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